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Cross-stitch Animation experiments 01

I'v wanted to do something with crossitch art style in game game for many years. I finally got round to making a media test of what the animation style may look like. I did a bit of crosstitch growing up as my mum is a seamstress. I scanned in some physical crosstitch of lots of different stitches and color  and cleaned it up, not the actual scan. I did try to animate this inphotoshop at first but it took ages and i quickly realised that i couldnt animate out the stitches the same way as they animated in as it cause weird effecs and as i said took ages. so I decided to make it easyer to mess around with the effect in unity. Then in unity i animated the stitches animating in and out. in photoshop and imported into unity. I added a colider to the stitch adn animation controller to animate in and out. Then a ball with a trigger that active each cross when it collides.  I animated the ball. Heres what it looks like in unity. This is the first test. I then wanted to add more colors so d

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