Blender Game Making Challenge (BGMC)

So its been a little bit.
Just been working away at Ninja Kiwi :D
But a couple of weeks ago was the 10th blender game making challenge (BGMC)

I took part along with a hand full of others.
Its a week long game jam , where we have to make a game based on the theme of Movies or tv shows.
Heres my blender artist thread on developemnt 

download it here or on the forum:
the blender file is up on the form too so you can see how some of the stuff was put together.

The TV show i went with was Insektors, one of the first 3d cartoons i can remember.
I wasn't shure what the game play should be like but then i watched a couple episodes on YouTube. And thought that a rail shooter like panzer dragoon , kid Icarus or Sin and Punishment would work well. 
I also wanted to use this project to get my head round the Blender game engine upgrades in 2.6x, so long 2.49b , il miss you.
I did learn how a lot of stuff works now and realsie that the new version is much more presise, as in the old one let you get away with a lot more.

for example : meshes don't deform via armature if the mirror modifier is above the armature , so you need to apply it but its pretty nondestructive as it automatically updates weights if you re mirror and reapply.

still having trouble with aiming / collisions but nothign a little experementing cant fix.

Here is some screenshots of the game in action:

Il record a video soon and post it too

Anyway , I won :D!!
The prize , a copy of Mirrors Edge and the theme choice for the next challenge

And on the topic of the next challenge, Iv been chatting to the guy who runs it and he was looking for someone else to run the next one because he is busy at the moment. 
Sooo ,
 i said I would give it a try.
I want to try to get a bigger following for the contest and grow the community a little :D
For instance the Facebook and twitter pages for the challenge only have a handful of followers which is limiting the  online presence of the contest.

Heres the links to their facebook and twitters give them some love and the the buzz started :D


Final note, I'm going to migrate this blog over to so the next few post will be both here and there. If you want to keep following my updates make sure to follow this new blog


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