Backface culling in Blender renders?

I want to get a nice high res image for promotional purposes and all of the characters use a scaled inversed mesh to create the outline. 
This is not a problem in the game engine as culling is turn on by default, but in the rendered its turned on .
With the latest realece of blender (2.67) It now comes pre-loaded with the freestyle plugin which allows easy editing or outlines for render. but i like the way that some of the outlines look and don't want to invest time in getting the outlines to work with freestyle.

So did a quick search and found this thread :

It starts off with onone knowing how to go about this but then the answer come up in the form or nodes.

Fist tick zTransarency on the material then click use nodes. 
open the node editor, 
create a geomitery node and plug the Front/Back vector into the alpha input on the output node

Render and your done :D

Heres an images with all the options highlighted in red that you have to change:

Im posting this to help people and for my own reference later on when i forget how this works.


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