In the Loop (Creative Loop Award)

A whole back i Mentioned that i was working on the game a lot to get it read for the hand in for creative loop. 

Well that award ceremony was last night . here is the link to the no-monies.

The category I enterd was called :
"Best use of interactive media/apps/computer games"

I was up against -(all teams from abertay, so it was friendly compotition)
"Into the Sky"(10 man team)
"Constructs"(9 man team)
My Entry was 
"The Art Collector"(1 man team)

And ... I WON :)
This is my lucky month and I now have 2 lucky bow ties.

Here is me on stage accepting the award (Photo by Deborah Chapman)

 I'm sure the video of the awards will be up soon and il link it then.
So at my booth at the Showcase on the 24- 27th of may ther wil be an award wiining game on show :D 
I think i might put the award up on the wall too.

Heres the page with all the winners:

Also congrats to Francis Morton for her award winning animation , again from abertay.


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