Public Speaking

Back when I was in school i remember being terrified whenever i needed to talk in class or do presentations.
But through my time at collage, University and Dare Plus I have gotten a lot better at public speaking. 
I am still rubbish when it comes to aquard questions as everything i say has been rehearsed a few of times before the actual event.

I gained a lot of confidence bingin the Lead artist for my group project in 3rd year. Having to talk to Outplay about the games art style and assets helped me overcome the star stuck part of my problems.

And dare plus helped me practice and focus in on what needs to be sed. 

My presentation style is thick and fast.
I find it hard to talk about a single image for a long amount of time so my slides have minimal things on them and I talk through what is on the screen. I don't read off of the screen because of my dyslexia and nerves make me worse than useless at reading. The only real breaks in my presentations are when a video is being shown. When videos are shown some time you can just be quite and let the video do that talking . 

All that being said I was invited to talk at the next Pecha Kucha talks in Dundee, volume6.

I thin its on the monday before the showcase, so i get to plug it at the end of the presentation.

the format is 20 slides for 20 seconds each , In this 6 minits and 40 seconds you can talk about whatever you like , and im gogin to tlak about NPR in games and a little on my honours project. 
The high school me would have been soo terified at talking on front of this many people but now im more exited than nervious. :D

Il link it when it goes live online but the hand in will be before then.


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