Small changes

As i said in a previous post I had a meeting with Lynn and she said to change a couple of things , how i have.

3D sound:
I figured out how to make the 3D sound work in blender, i remember playing with this feature a while ago but couldn't find the button when looking for it this time.
Looked up a tutorial on it and it said the option wont appear unless the .wav is a mono track.  So take the sounds i need to be 3D into Audacity and split them to mono from stereo  load into a test blender file and it worked, the further away from the object the louder or quieter it gets.

Paintings within paintings:
All the paintings within paintings are now screen grabs from the house, and the perspective of the paintings you are in .

Again these were 2 things i initaly thought about doing but have just put off till now.
There in the beta 2_3.


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