Pencil updateweb version coming to (OUYA)

So iv handed in Dissertation its time to start the slides, but i wanted to revisit the Ludum dare game as the unity3D version  was soooo un-optimized. I took last night and this afternoon to mess with the code and see if i could fix some stuff i didnt want to during Ludum in case I broke the game.

Heres the link ot the latest web player version:

Updates to the game:
Mini Map (As a few uses requested this feature on ludum [easier to do than i though it would be])

I changed the text whilst playing to say Distance and then show the number

I stripped out the code for movement and started again , and now it controls like a tank and its nice and smooth.

I changed the drawing code to not draw when your not moving 

Removed the jump

Enemies randomly spawn(making every play different)

Demoved some debig log statemtns and some print stuff from some scripts 

Stopped checking every frame on ever eney blob where the player is and then changing the player pref several times,(sped it up quite a bit)

Delete the drawn line after your are far away from it. 

Kill the enemies after an amount of time

Other stuff to do:

Controles and instruction screen

Animation for when the blob gets cought so show where you went wrong

Hard mode where your blob can get blocked by your own line and you need to use the erasor(realy hard, implemented in the blender version for a while bit it made things far to hard)

Limit the enemy spawner to not spawn directly infront of the blob as that is unfair.

Fix the enemy push bug that they just float off into the distance.

test ways of killing blobs , (circling them, works thenow as there time just runs out)(add death animations)

And after all that get it working through the proper ODK (OUYA Development Kit) and publish to the store for free :D

Have fun playing it and post your high scores if u realy enjoy it.


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