Sunday, 28 April 2013

ludum dare 26

Another one down. 
Heres the link to the ludum page for my game.

I got it working on PC, Browser, Blender, and OUYA :D

Ludum dare is an online 48 hour game jam with thousands of entrants each time.
1715 entries this time

The theme this time round was minamalism and as always i wanted to tie it in with traditonal art /shaders etc. But this time i had my eye on the OUYA so unity it is.(I made a blender version too)

I was hoping that my preeorderd OUYA would be her already but no luck. Insted i Used the one from the uni. I couldn't get the ODK plugins to publish properly from unity so reverted to just building normal .apk files with control scripts attached. 

The minimal theme game me more time to focus on the coding rather than the artwork. 
It took soo long to get the collisions working and the ouya talking to the pc. (thanks Antanas for helping install the drivers :D)

Unity version: 
OUYA version is just a .APK 
Defend the small blob from the big blobs for as long as possible. Drawing lines stops the big blobs, so draw lines and circles round them to stop them. Endless defender. 

wasd to move, or arrows, or OUYA left stick 
space to jump or OUYA A 
left mouse button to rub out or OUYA O 

sorry the cameras a bit twitchy 

Fingers crossed that i place somewhere in the contest but i dont have the nighest hopes, the game is realy buggy but it proved the point that developing for OUYA isnt to hard and gives soothing to show at dare interview.

And hers the video of it in action:

This was where i set up in uni:

Contest results in a few weeks.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Stuff to do!

Soooo, had a short meeting with Lynn and had the pleasant surprise that she had played my game already :D
She said i spelled Controlles wrong on the control screen and that some of the player gidence through the house could be better. and try to get some 3d sound in.
Also might do 

Anyway this weekend is ludum dare and going to try and get something running on the OUYA. 
Some thing pretty , of course. 
I'l try to post a live twitch link 2moz when im in uni working on the game.

The Theme is minimalism. hmm, im imagining things getting drawn as you progress. Anyway il sleep on it and sketch a little in the morning.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


And ... Heres the beta2_2
Change log
A few minor fixes

Watercolor level:
The tree in the middle of the path is gone.
The wolfs grrr at you when u get close, (audio)
the riverbank flore was raised so it dosent look like your drowning if u fall in .

The train signal sign is now down at the start

House, i tried to make the bad guy push u into the paintign at the start but i didnt like the way it felt, migt try again but at this point its ok, otherwie might change diologe in the pop art level .

I think this is a pretty close version that will be at the showcase, these couple of things were just miner adjustments that were annoying me for a while.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Unfinished swan Critical Framework

Artwork deconstruction 1 (The Unfinished Swan (Sketch Level))
(Practical Media)                 
Pen and paper
Type of
(Paper, Canvas, Texture)
White Paper
Colour Pallet
Black and White
(Are there any, Thickness, Movement, colour, Texture, Wobbly )
Yes, sketchy
Object fills
(Colour, Texture, Brush Strokes)
Sketchy, crosshatch, messy
Solid drawing
(Dose the 3d shape remain consistent from all angles? sillowete)
Yes could be represented in 3d
Shading and shadows
(Colour in relation to rest of scene, Shape)
Sketchy, crosshatch, messy
Animation/ Movement
(Sketchy, Precise)( Dry brushes/Blur Lines)
Sometimes, motion lines, if animated in a traditional sense it would be jittery and possibly unsetteling.

Grading system how well something was achieved : very good , ok , not at all
Reconstruction in 3d implementation (The Unfinished Swan (Sketch Level))
(Get a general feel of the media)
Type of
(Post Presses 2d filter or overlay containing paper texture)
No texture overlay needed
Colour Palate
Black and White
(Post process outlines? Scaled mesh inverted normals, textured view or uv space, Animated, Wobbly displacement map,)
Object fills
(Texture, uv or screen space? Bush Strokes in texture, Animated?)
Static hand dran pen sketch textures, decent resolution for the most part, a couple of bad seems.
Solid drawing (Constrains, blend shapes, complex rigs, maintain 3d sillowete)

Shading and Shadows
(Real time? Baked? Animated Shape? Masked shading/stencil)

Static baked into the texture, in the form of crosshatching
(Sketchy, Precise, animated outlines and textures)( Dry brushes/BlurLines, bill boarded planes with blur lines)

Additional comments
This is sadly a very small room on the game, but this makes it stick out as a pivotal moment when you play as the king instead of the boy. The mood of this room is calm so a sketchy texture may have unsettled the player.

8 out of 8

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Showcase update!

I got the esil made and the mounting board in the frame, all the hard stuff for the showcase is done  :) just working on the poster and business cards now. 
I asked Ken about he esil and he told me to talk to Keith Himpson.
I sent him and email and got a meet really quick and then within an hour or 2 he had modified an esil and everything was sorted  :). Keith is a really nice guy and works really fast , if u need anything like this done , Keith is your man. He also seemed interested and exited about my project and says hes looking forward to the showcase. 
Il post a pic next time i see it , i forgot to when i was there.
I'm torn weather to make the poster about the game or the project presses  I'l make 2 and deiced later when I'm getting them printer.
I am going to modify the previous bushiness cards i designed with the 4 art styles on them, but with the new pop art and pen renders.

I updated the boy images for the poster, and vectorised the audacity logo because it is cheep and ugly.

Just need to fina a cheep plac to print it now.
Also got anoyed at vista print for pricing , I want to print 4 different bisinus cards but you only get the discounted price on one of them :( . Might get a print them yourself pack from WHSmiths or something

Anyway heres the new card designs too:

UPDATE got the poster printed at TESCO
for £12.50

Post 101 Tutorial

I made a tutorial on how to model texture and give a 3D character an outline in blender, this can be exported to other engines and should work , with a little tweaking here and there.
20 minit tutorial:
Hope it helps some people , I thought I could have been more clear about some stuff. This one isnt as noob friendly as my previous tutorials:
Wow looking back at this video i sound sooo Scottish but still think it teaches most of the things u need to know to get a game up and running in BGE.

Iv been wanting to get back into making tutorials, hopefully this is the start of a good series.:D

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lets catch up

So iv rushed through a lot of the stuff because of the deadline dare and a freelance project I'm working on . Its a busy time but I should probably fill in the blanks before its to late.
Since the Alpha 1, (i think might have been all the changes from pree alpha) things haven't changed too much  here's a change list and reasons why:

Music and sound effects have been added

House hub Level 0:
made the footprints show the corresponding set depending on stage in game.
-The footprints on the flore have been changed to white as they were almost invisible as the flore is realy dark. (beta2)
-The old man talks to you after every level

Pop Art Level 1:
-The shading on the character was changed. Lynn made the point that it was too dark at points and i agreed  I change it to slightly darken the dots rather than have a harsh black shadow.
-I also changed the dots on the hair back to the hard edged shadow as some people said it looked broken and I agreed, the originals don't have dots so why dose my version. 

Watercolour Level 2:
Added wolves, they growl at you when u get neer and change color when you paint them. they howl.
The bear pints depending on what stage of the level you are at.
The bear sleeps when u paint all the wolfs. 
Changed the layout of the place where you get the brush as the billboarded trees make it hard to navigate. the player can now see the brush as soon as they look in that direction.

Charcoal 3:
Changed the tunnel to have a gap to have the switch.
Made the tunnel longer.
Applied the displacement modifyers for all models.
Animated the train signal. and linked it to the switch with camera cut away.
Changed the wire which you have to follow to the switch.
Triainface boy appers on top of the train after you pull the switch.

Pen and ink 4:
Removed the tree from the battle area as the level of detail was intended for background purposes.
Made the villan be able to get hit , play animation, and get pushed back, and play noise.
Added player auto block and noise when villan attacks you.
Changed the amount of hits he takes.
Removed the villan behaviours after he is dead (slight oversight/ glitch)

Added a title screen:
Its a cylinder that rotates around the old mana and camera which creates a panning gallery effect.
added credits and controls.

Monday, 8 April 2013


Not networking in a computing sense, more in a social one. 
Iv recently been watching this guy called Eteeski. link to his youtube: 
Found him making unity tutorials on youtube  subscribed to his channel and then realised he dose live streams of him making games and excitingly he also dose Q and A and ... Show your work live. In this you send him what youv been working on and he shows it live. You get good feedback and a good amount of exposure. 
I like to think im building up a conceting with him and hope we will keep in touch.

Hes curantly working on a game for the OUYA called Recoil

Heres a link to his website: