Showcase update!

I got the esil made and the mounting board in the frame, all the hard stuff for the showcase is done  :) just working on the poster and business cards now. 
I asked Ken about he esil and he told me to talk to Keith Himpson.
I sent him and email and got a meet really quick and then within an hour or 2 he had modified an esil and everything was sorted  :). Keith is a really nice guy and works really fast , if u need anything like this done , Keith is your man. He also seemed interested and exited about my project and says hes looking forward to the showcase. 
Il post a pic next time i see it , i forgot to when i was there.
I'm torn weather to make the poster about the game or the project presses  I'l make 2 and deiced later when I'm getting them printer.
I am going to modify the previous bushiness cards i designed with the 4 art styles on them, but with the new pop art and pen renders.

I updated the boy images for the poster, and vectorised the audacity logo because it is cheep and ugly.

Just need to fina a cheep plac to print it now.
Also got anoyed at vista print for pricing , I want to print 4 different bisinus cards but you only get the discounted price on one of them :( . Might get a print them yourself pack from WHSmiths or something

Anyway heres the new card designs too:

UPDATE got the poster printed at TESCO
for £12.50


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