Lets catch up

So iv rushed through a lot of the stuff because of the deadline dare and a freelance project I'm working on . Its a busy time but I should probably fill in the blanks before its to late.
Since the Alpha 1, (i think might have been all the changes from pree alpha) things haven't changed too much  here's a change list and reasons why:

Music and sound effects have been added

House hub Level 0:
made the footprints show the corresponding set depending on stage in game.
-The footprints on the flore have been changed to white as they were almost invisible as the flore is realy dark. (beta2)
-The old man talks to you after every level

Pop Art Level 1:
-The shading on the character was changed. Lynn made the point that it was too dark at points and i agreed  I change it to slightly darken the dots rather than have a harsh black shadow.
-I also changed the dots on the hair back to the hard edged shadow as some people said it looked broken and I agreed, the originals don't have dots so why dose my version. 

Watercolour Level 2:
Added wolves, they growl at you when u get neer and change color when you paint them. they howl.
The bear pints depending on what stage of the level you are at.
The bear sleeps when u paint all the wolfs. 
Changed the layout of the place where you get the brush as the billboarded trees make it hard to navigate. the player can now see the brush as soon as they look in that direction.

Charcoal 3:
Changed the tunnel to have a gap to have the switch.
Made the tunnel longer.
Applied the displacement modifyers for all models.
Animated the train signal. and linked it to the switch with camera cut away.
Changed the wire which you have to follow to the switch.
Triainface boy appers on top of the train after you pull the switch.

Pen and ink 4:
Removed the tree from the battle area as the level of detail was intended for background purposes.
Made the villan be able to get hit , play animation, and get pushed back, and play noise.
Added player auto block and noise when villan attacks you.
Changed the amount of hits he takes.
Removed the villan behaviours after he is dead (slight oversight/ glitch)

Added a title screen:
Its a cylinder that rotates around the old mana and camera which creates a panning gallery effect.
added credits and controls.


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