ludum dare 26

Another one down. 
Heres the link to the ludum page for my game.

I got it working on PC, Browser, Blender, and OUYA :D

Ludum dare is an online 48 hour game jam with thousands of entrants each time.
1715 entries this time

The theme this time round was minamalism and as always i wanted to tie it in with traditonal art /shaders etc. But this time i had my eye on the OUYA so unity it is.(I made a blender version too)

I was hoping that my preeorderd OUYA would be her already but no luck. Insted i Used the one from the uni. I couldn't get the ODK plugins to publish properly from unity so reverted to just building normal .apk files with control scripts attached. 

The minimal theme game me more time to focus on the coding rather than the artwork. 
It took soo long to get the collisions working and the ouya talking to the pc. (thanks Antanas for helping install the drivers :D)

Unity version: 
OUYA version is just a .APK 
Defend the small blob from the big blobs for as long as possible. Drawing lines stops the big blobs, so draw lines and circles round them to stop them. Endless defender. 

wasd to move, or arrows, or OUYA left stick 
space to jump or OUYA A 
left mouse button to rub out or OUYA O 

sorry the cameras a bit twitchy 

Fingers crossed that i place somewhere in the contest but i dont have the nighest hopes, the game is realy buggy but it proved the point that developing for OUYA isnt to hard and gives soothing to show at dare interview.

And hers the video of it in action:

This was where i set up in uni:

Contest results in a few weeks.


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