Final Post before Hand in

This should be my final post on this blog, It will almost centinly be the last one before submission. 
I'm orgonising the files for hand in as I'm trying , (waiting for stuff to copy) 
Hope nothing gets missed out  :S

This has been a long year and I have learned a lot and am now set to go into industry. It seems like soo long ago I was working on the Pop art Whaam! test adn now its the end of my final year at uni. 

My job at Ninja Kiwi should start on June 10th, hopefully things will go there and I'l be making games with them for years to come.

Till then I'm looking forward to the showcase, see everyone there.
On the 24th - 27th May 2013

Heres the trailer 


  1. Well done! If you do keep up blogging, please do let us know where to follow it. I've learnt lots about realtime NPR from you. Thank you!

  2. Aw thank you , Yes I will continue blogging , it might switch over to my wallmasterr blog which right now has no posts but I will post on this blog when im going to switch. Thanks for the support :D


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