End of Year Presentation Criteria

A quick look at the student honors hand book and find what the presentation has to say/ be about.

Oral Presentation:

The student speaks clearly and confidently, and fully describes the work carried out during the session. 

Project outline :
The student outlines clearly a set of aims and objectives that comprehensively detail the entirety of the project work. Any deviation from the originally-planned project is detailed and discussed and an excellent and convincing rationale is presented for the change. 

Presentation of work: 

The student presents comprehensive and coherent work of excellent quality, which clearly demonstrates the trajectory of the project and the student’s authorship of it. The student delivers an excellent critical review of their work and demonstrates excellent critical judgement in the selection of material shown. 

Q&A :

The student responds very well to questioning. It is clear that the student has anticipated possible lines of inquiry and is able to deliver a robust response to all or most questions. 

So show aims and objectives, say if u stuck to them or deviated and why.
Show the best of the stuff of how i got to the end and then review the project as a whole.
Il mention ninja kiwi job , game jams and creative loop award too.
And speek clearly.
Dono how many slides this will be :P

And the key sucsess is ...
a lucky bowtie


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