Crit Week Reflection

Had Crit yesterday, my group ran over so I joined the next one and got to see some relay good presentations. 

I had a rather big presentation as far as slides go. And had to keep a good pace to get through them all. there was 47 slides, a number I don't think i'l be betting any time soon.
The contend of the slides were just reiterating what iv said on my blog, with less depth. 
When it came the the video of the cute knight and the monster died everyone said "You Monster"

On to feed back:
As far as i could tell everyone liked it. First comment from Ryan was 
"that was excellent."
He particularly though the Halloween wolf image was relay beautiful.
They then started to mention ways I could interpret my final piece.
Sugestions included:
Gallary space
Stroy book
Not to make the experience jarring by just switching.
Then the Point was brung up that iv not converted one of my own works as of yet.
I made the argument that I have only been looking at examples of existing works from existing artists which illustrate the elements or media's that the spastic test requires. 
But I do plan on making a few translations of my own work, only problem is my work is mostly digital. I do like relay quick doodaly style though.

After I sat down Lynn and Brian turned round and suggested i should do a self portrate because it would show my style and my personality and wardrobe off.
I did a digital cartoon self portrate for the banner of my blog.

So plans for the future are to do some more test in the foreseeable future. Finish 2nd draft of proposal after Robin gets back to me. then send that round a couple more people before sending it to Phill the dyslexia proof reader then handing in in plenty of time for the hand in.
Think of an Christmas themed test.
Normal mapped oil paint (a few different ideas)(one very soon)
Simple sketchy(Roald Dahl, Tim Burton)
Motion/Blur lines
Dry brushes

Hope everyone elses Crit went well. Should have 2 times as much next time ! :D  and mabie be working towards a main master project.


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