Whatever face!

I was trying to work on a story for the game to do with train face boy , and was going along the pinochio / ugly ducking route but then through what kind of world is this character in. Is he the only one with a weird object for a face? I did a few sketches of other possible characters if the world was to be full of symbolic things as the characters faces.

and here are the sketches of other characters, I did more but these are the best ones.

Car face and Plane face

Clock face(s) 

Cage face, Bulb face, Lamp face 

Case face, Phone face, Mill face man 

Sward face, Mace face 

These are just ideas right now ,dono what story I'm going to go for in the end. I need it to be simple but emotional enough that it shows a range of emotion in a small amount of time.

Just to jog the memory here is train face boy


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