First Post and Honours idea

First week, first post. Had an intro to Honours project lecture on Monday, went well not much to say. But we have a group meeting with tutors on Thursday where hopeful we'l be told if our ideas are heading in the right direction. My thoughts: I would like to explore the topic of pretty looking games. ie making games look like traditional hand drawn and painted styles using simple techniques for game engines. Imagine a game that looks like the metal gear solid art work or a pen and ink sketch.

^ metal gear solid concept artwork (i didnt draw it)

^  Image from the edge chronicles (book series, again i didnt draw it)

I ran the idea past a couple of lecturers last year during reflect session and they seemed to think it could be a good project. Iv looked into the way some games do things and tried a few tests to replicated the effects already. I'l post again after the meeting with some more thoughts.


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