Test time

Iv been working on some ideas and thought I should post them before I start posting loads of research and stuff. Here is some Tests iv been working on:

The first test shows a 3d character rendered onto a series of sprite sheets then swamped between when the player presses a button. 
please excuse the jumpy video, the screen cap software dosent work the best on my laptop.

character model and shader found here: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/characters/null_pluma/
Coded in javascript in unity 3d

Heres one of the sprite sheets:

Mail Box South East:
And the first faild attempt at this sprite sheet coz it was really inificant (is was like 7000px wide :P thought unity could handle it but turned out not really):

The second test shows a shader test iv been wanting to try for ages. Made in blender, i just used the basic monkey mesh, unwrapped it and drew a few sets of squiggle shading over the entire mesh then made a shader node step out using a ramp to separate the shadows and display the animated shading as found in hand drawn animations.

Squiggle animation sheet for monkey sketch shader
(really quick and rough just to test i could animate shadows)

And this is the Shader node set up for the monkey in blender

Any Qestions please ask ! :D


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