Meeting with Ryan

Had a meeting with Ryan Locke on Thursday and think it went well. This is him >>

The main thing he made me think of is why! Why should i do this project? What is the reason i like trying to make 3d stuff look 2d. 

We talked about Okami and how brave a move it was to go for the art style as it was initaly intended to be a realistic game but the style really suited the story that was being told. My project has to have a meaning and a direct link to why that style is used in the scene I decide to create.

Video shows a comparison between the origonal okami style and the water color style.

We also talked about Journey on play station network  and how we both bought it on relece and enjoyed the experience from start to Finnish. 

I showed my post man and monkey tests and he seemed to like them.
He sed to Narrow down to a few, mabie 3 styles for the final pice. 

He also said i should keep looking up tests and examples that other people have done in the field throwought the project and i have a few new blogs and stuff to post and will do soon.

We also talked about possible engines to use for the final pice, he recomended UDK (Unreal development kit) or unity3d. And we discused that the kind of thing i need for this project is post prosess effects whitch is only avalible in the pro version of unity but comes as standerd with UDK. Im still keeping the Blender game engine open as a test option but have grown to be comfortable with the code element of unity over the summer. (See Flee Free on Google Play game i made over summer)


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