Previous hand drawn 3d work.

This post will recap on some work iv did in the past relating to this topic.

My girl friend did a game design project in college and i decided to make make a 3d environment which tried to match her concept art style:

Quick 3d side scroller with pencil textures:

2nd Year low poly 3d modelling class at Abertay:

This was one of the final renders i made for Ken Fees class:

It has a kind of borderlands sketchy feel to it. 

Heres a few concept sketches and wire frames for this scene:
Orthographic sketch reference:
Wire frame of ornothopter:

Wire frames of the female character:

2nd year Group project:
Pencil textured 3d boy:
... need to find image

Zelda models from someone elses concept sketches:

origonal concept art(not mine link here)

My 3d version

Origonal Concept()

My 3d Version:(my favrate of the zelda series I did)


My 3d Version:

If i find other stuff il post it later.


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