UDK Post Prosess

I had an educational play in udk last night to test the edge detection but found out the examples i have seen is insted a really complex post prosess chain. I tryed to recreate the node set up like the image but at a point decided to watch a tutorial on the basics first. 

This is the tutorial i followed to set up post prosses chain:

I got a hang of what was being explained and then went on to the next more indepth tutorial and edited them to used an overlay material with the sketchy overlay iv been using on the post man test. UDK crashed before i managed to get a screenshot of the work and turned out i didnt save stuff right so had to star again but it was last and i was tyerd, when i try it again il post it then but the things u can do with this chain seems realy powerfull and i will definetly play with it some more :D


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