Working doc

Thought i shoudl put up the working word doc for this project soo ... here it is

Alastair Low Honours Project Proposal
Brief outline of project-
Use simple modelling techniques along with shaders in a game engine environment to make achieve a non-photo realistic, hand drawn/ painted look to the game.
Look into game engine Software:
Unity 3d
Other software out there another examples of similar projects(Reserch how others have tried to achiev similar results)
Shader example for xna (


Prince of Persia


Veiwtiful joe


Zelda skyward sward

Monet mystery f the orangery

Killer 7

Unfinished swan


Tiny and big

Joshi story

Rock of ages

Team Fortress 2

Shadow of the Cholosis

//Mac and Cheese
//Abney and teal

Roobarb and custard

Explore the differences between animated and static textures to achieve hand drawn animation styles and determine which feels more natural. Is this disorientating to the user?
Experiment with depth of field blurring and lessening of detail.
Possible questions-
- How can simple modelling techniques and shaders be used to make real time game renders look like concept art or traditional hand drawn/ painted styles? (question)
Art Styles to explore:
Etchings/ lithographs
Sketches(pencil chalk , pen and ink)
water colour (metal gear solid concept art work)
pointillist(Pixels are in essence a pointillist representation using additive colour theory appose to paintings using subtractive theory)

Talk about games as art:
- counter argument to project aim games are developing their own styles and should not resort to post-modern approaches to imitate existing styles .
Possible outcomes of the project:
A game showcasing the styles in real time
- a digital book , telling a story like a childrens picture book?
- a tablet based experience(limited shader resources?)
- A short experience
- A tech demo showing a hand ful of traditional styles.


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