Ludum Dare

SO we had the proposal handing on Friday and Saturday Ludum dare started. I planed on doing the last Ludum but only remembered about it with 2 hours to go. But i managed to catch this one. 
Here is a link to my page, if you were involved please veote me up. :D

heres my post on ludum:

Background :
Ludum dare is an online game jam which takes place 4 times a year and is probably the most know of its type. The rules of the contest are that you have 48 hours to make a game which fits the theme decided at the start of the jam. You are not allowed to used any code or assets from other projects , everything must be new. After the comp is done all who entered vote and then a winner is decided.

The theme of this  jam was "You are the Villain"
I came up with loads of ideas but none realy sited an NPR style. 
I saw a lord of the rings poster in my room which has an awesome style, so decided to make a game about a dragon in this style.

Had this art in a few hours in.

Here is the poster i have:

End of day 1:

And heres what i had at the end of the jam:

Turned out good, i was a little tight for time and was getting a little fed up towards the end coz my laptop was going realy slow. This lead to a few features to be not implemented but it still turned out ok.

Finally Here is the download if you wana play it directly:

and again the ludum page:


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