Expo Ambitons

For the expo i want to mak emy space look like the art colectors house form my game, with paintings on the wall and decorative wallpaper. I Also want to have monitors with frames around them to look like paintigns but actualy showing my work. 
And have the final game on one too. 
this would be nice as if the game is left to idle or is paused people may question weather or not it is 3d or not, although in the past , that seems to be peoples first reaction anyway.
As iv mentiond in previous posts i would like to have a wiimote on a plinth with the micky mouse paint brush nunchuck to show the link betwee art and games, in this sketch I wanted to place a clay model of a characer from the game holding or leaning agains the wiimote in some way, to get some traditional sculpture into my projects too.

heres the template filled in with what i wanted :

I also stated in the form that thi smay be overambitous for the space and that the wall might not suport 3 monitors so i enquired about getting a larger space. fingers crossed. If all else fails , and im not alowed to do this i might just make a poster with loads of paintings on it and a wallpaer bg. Im shure i can leach a second monitor from the computer aswell, and the monitor could be heald up by a plinth or soemthing if its too heavy for the wall, i do realy want my game with a frame.

Looking at the courswork submision criteria it seem that I need to look into or explain other smilar installations or shows whitch iv been to or reserched. So...

The main exhibition i remember from being a child is "Game on"
A show whitch had several sights through the contry.
I saw it in Edinburgh with my dad, we wetn twice but the second day was compleatly packed.
This show basicaly went through the evolution of games from limited arcade games all the way up to cutting edge whitch was gamecube at the time. 
There were soo many sections with loads of screens to try all the games. For some areas there was massive projection screens whitch people could play multiplayer bomberman etc. 
Another notable thing from this show was the concept art work, in one of the sections they basically showcased the conecpt art for one of the final fantasy games and it was amazing to have art created to drive a visual style ofr a game on a will like it would be in an art gallery.

Dare to be digital has also been a big influence.
Iv been attending Dare since they had the first showing of Zelda twilight princess as the main attraction. Every year since has just got better as far as presentation. 
There are a few notable installations by big games companies though. 
Little big planet  This game was just about to come out and there was a huge following for it already. I was really exited to play it and there it was at Dare and .. it had an awesome booth. The game is visually stiled on a do it yourself theme with cardboard and paper and fabric as the environment materials, its also set at a really small scale so they you can see all the little details in the materials. This was reflected in the booth as it was made of cardboard and fabric and had bit plants and really good feel of the game. 

One other thing which was good at Dare was the You can cook ds game . They brought in a kitchen in the lounge of the place dare was being held and had the counter filled with ds's worth the game loading on it . You could look through the list of dishes and then a chief would prepare the food and follow along the steps. 

It seems that everything related to games installations must have something unique and related to the game to make them successful. Also another part of game installations is that the game has to be playable otherwise the whole point of it being a game is irrelevant. 

All of this has inspired my game instalation. The game takes place in an onld mans house who has loads of paintings on the walls, This is where all the screens come from and the wallpaper backdrop. Allowing the user to feel closer to the game. 

I have changed this idea as it would take a lot of time, effort and money to pull it off  and a couple more computers:S. As i ave not been given a larger single space i have simplified the design down to just beeing an easil with  a single painting in a a frame. Almost like its being unvealed , might need to gte a big white cloth too.  I have a more in depth post on this proposal in a later post.


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