Presentation Feedback

Presentation went really well, I felt the slides flowed ok, my legs were a little wobbly but was standing behind a thing so no one noticed.
I showed the stuff that iv been up to since last semester, I missed out some stuff for times sake.
I almost feel like i showed too much of some stuff and examples in the video collage were a little overlooked and didn't get enough attention but I feel i got the new final project across well.

The feedback from the lecturers was brief. 
In answer to Lynns question, yes i do sleep 
Robbin says that he would help me with my dissertation , and that he likes that i have focused mainly on the look of the game for this project. As for my game in 3rd year for his module i spent most of my time making the mechanics work and wasn't so happy with the overall polish and visual style.
Ryan just watched my pritty pictures and robbin just echoedd what everyone else had said.

From the feedback, or lay there of I feel the presentation went extreamly well.
Now i just need to finish everything.
Lynn jokingly said that the game will be finished by the next presentation but that is basicaly the plan at a rough level at least.

Also managed to beat my best for more slides in a presentation. I said i would cut down but instead ended up with 1 more slides than last time. Grand total of 48 slides, mabie go for the 49 or 50 mark next time , but its not as long between this  one and the next.

Bring on the next one


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