Villan Character Pen and ink

So its eventually time to make the villain for the final boss fight
I did some more sketches:

This gave me a feel for what type of character he is.
When i was making the ortho sketch i changed the proportions a little more. as i thought it was important to make the characters limbs jagged instead of curved.
Heres the mesh , i probubly shoudl have made more geomitry in the arms around the elbows and the knoees, but ther is onyl minor pinching when its been skenned so il leave it like this.

Heres the texture sheet i made for him:
I used a basic pen sketch texture as his shadow texture.

And heres it all together:

I made his pen a lot bigger than the concept

And here is the animations and animated shaders in action:

this turned out ok still need to play about with the way to do the sky and make enviroments interesting.
Next step is to make hi s level, i think its goign to be in a graveyard with trees and fences and rewins in the background.
Level coming soon!


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