The search for the right controle scheme

After my friday meeting with Ken this week we decided that i have to settle on a control scheme and get it nailed soon. As a result of this im back to playing with controle schemes.
 In one of my previous posts I attempted to make a control set up for this game project but some technical hurdles cause me to stop working on it and i was left only half working. 
I have the problem that I'm working on an older version of blender which only a few people who still use the game engine are using. This makes most of the new scripts and templates unusable.

However I did just find this :

I remember seeing it a while ago when it was in development and realy lied the style of the graphics, kinda going for the same things I am. 

Some images of the artstyle of the template

This set up uses keyboard and mouse which is not the my ideal choice,(I wanted to play with the 360 controller, or a wiimote and nunchuck)

It has all the nessasary components i need for a template, and more. 

Things I need it to do:
  • Moment, no clipping through walls
  • Jumping, because jumping in games is fun
  • Camera control:the camera is mapped to the mouse and zooms in when need objects so you can always see the player this was one of the problems i didn't even have a clue about how to tackle myself.
  • Compatible it works on blender 2.48a / 2.49b which is perfect.
  • WOuld be nice if it was compatible with 360 controller but non essential

It will take a little getting used to though it uses the logic states which i have never realy played with before, but im willing to learn.

I am eager to test some glove pie stuff with mapping buttons if this control scheme works out good.
The reason being for this is that there is a special edition Epic Mickey controller Nun-chuck which resembles a paintbrush and i think this would fit the project nicely.

Iv orderd one of these and its on its way

It test this template with my animations in the next few days and hopefuly have 1 level doen by the end of the week.


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