Crit Feedback

This is the stuff I rote after feedback:

"lot more feedback this time
ken came this time :D
Lynn mentioned a couple things about the styles, the pen sky and the darkness of the pop art

the why
everyone had something different to say about it.
At first they talked about how I could link it into another area to justify it

Then Brain said that they why is visible in the final project and the work that iv been doing . The piece almost justifies its self as a fight against the "boring" photorealism.

Then the topic came back round to possibly linking it to another research area but it quickly got brought back round to  self justification and just digging deeper in the process and derisions which lead to the game derisions.

The pop art level sticks out as being the only one which is not a media, its a movement  this could be justified with the design derisions and links to game play, choices."

So overall I reached my goal of getting a playable version of the game from start to finish for this presentation.
Time to start the dissertation and I feel the feedback from this presentation was good and lets me just talk about the project and design derisions inspired by the art and vice versa. I now feel its ok to not have to tie any other outside topics or theories for the sake of it. I will lead the desision with the opposition to photorealism games.

Final note, I did manage to beat my personal best as far as the slide count goes by 1, ie 50 slides :), its unimportant but just kind of happened. Lynn said that there was some slides which felt like padding but i think she is referring to the few slides where i said it broke and tried to find help. But i felt this use of these slides on there own needed don't to emphasise the emotions I was going through at the time and to create suspense.

For the final presentation I think I will try to keep it a bit shorter but when im breaking down techniques and stuff i dont know how long it will be , I'l do a detailed breakdown of all the techniques i used which are repeated throughout the project.
Talk about nodes , modelling texturing , Game engine tricks , outlines(scaled meshes)


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