Unforeseen PROBLEM :S (HELP!!!)

I got all the levels ready to stitch together into one project. I loaded in all the scenes into  project and when i tested the level switching it switched ok but the controls in the loaded level is broken :(.  The jump works but the movement dose not. I tried a couple of things to fix this but so far nothing helps . I suspect it has something to do with duplicate names as when i opened the other scenes in the project it shows as objectName.001, this is what blender dose when something is named the same. 

I think i could get round this problem by changing the names or names in scripts but i dono what but to change yet , iv posted it up on blender artists to see if any of the helpful people there can help :D
Heres the link:

Will hopefully get this fixed soon as this is the first playable alpha and its soo close to working :D cant wait to see what you guys thing when ur actually playing it  :D


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