"Do you ever sleep?"

This is the most asked question at my presentations. 
The tradition was started but Ian Donald during the final presentation to outplay in 3rd year.

It has been mentioned a few of my 4th year progress presentations and in the motivatonal presentation we game to the 3rd years today :D

The answer to this common question is yes. 
I make sure to get a good night sleep. During game jams and coursework hand-ins  i don't think iv ever did a whole nighter as i just dont see it as productive. I would just get relay tyerd and make silly mistakes. Plus if im doing coursework or work for some kind of deadline the night before i should be ashamed.
I also make sure i have a ruteen:
Wake up 
have breakfast (cerial){dont feel right if i skip this}
do work 
eat biskits as snacks, 
Have dinner between 5 and 6 
work some more, if I'm getting bored ply a game or watch a film. 
Then go to bed.

On top of I get frequent headakes witch usually stops me in my tracks and demands a nap, but sometimes i can just work though it with the help of a cold eye mask with eye holes.

The last night of an adventurous game jam would mabie be the only acseption for staying up.

Mabie this should be my new bisness card :P

I know this is mean as a silly question and a compliment and i like it but i do think its important to have a ruteen in place.
And oh ye

OVER 9000

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  1. This is the cutest post I've ever read. I'm gonna follow your routine and become a pro too :'D (hopefully)

    1. Yey lol if everyone followed this there would be no biskits left :P


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