Family friendly?

Iv been thnking about my dissertation question a lot and at the moment there isn't relay a why and its been the question everyone's been asking me from the start. I touched on it being a fight against photorealism and a styalised art direction being a good time saving  and there for money saving alternative. Also that hyper realism is just getting boring, and the inclusion of guns is a game play essential for a lot of titles. This leads into the violence in games argument but il try to stear clear of that for thenow.
Not to say that i don't like playing realistic games such as heavy rain, uncharted and others, i just prefer making more stylised experiences which can be played by everyone.

After watchin this, he talkes about the best seeling games of all time and that 3/4 of them are by Nintendo  a family friendly company, so there is also a market out there for this kind of thing.

At the DCA event we were invited to show off our game to children (go away mr bear) the kids loved the art style and the same could be said with the game we made in Dare plus (Antons Adventure) 
We had a brief chat with someone for the government working in  the gaming for children department or something along those lines (@derekrobertson on twitter) and he seemed realy interested in telling a story using the types of 3d / 2d crossovers that this honours project is all about. 

Screenshot from go away mr bear (3d)

Image of antons adventure: (2d)
Antons Adventure avalible on google play (Android)

Fourther thinking about this made me realise that this is a value I try to encorpurate into a lot of my games. The idea of it being family friendly. And I think that this is  good reason forexploring these 2d styles in 3d, as a story telling device to engage children but still be enjoyed by people of any age.

I also thought about linking religious views into the dissertation and discussing basic human values but I think that is going in a sightly different direction that I first intend and I already have enough contravertal debates in the project, are games art? is pop art art?, violence ? there should be enough to talk about there in my essay.


  1. Another area you could explore is, are the tools available to game developers and artists designed towards creating Photo-realistic games. There is great software out there, such as ZBrush, which makes creating high poly assets a breeze, but there are not so many tools if someone wants to, for example, make a pop art game, or a sketchy ink one.


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