Heres My Game!!!

Ok so over the past few days iv been working on some of the final touches and bringing my game together, there are still a few minor things I will change, this is why I have ladled this version beta1. Most of the game is finished but a few tweaks and more testing are required before I post as completely finished  But I'm going to leave it alone for a little while and get to work on the Dissertation , i have 1000 new words and 3000 old words,  going to merge and fill in the blanks and emit some points.
Again this version is only for windows users. And sorry the files huge, 
Here is the link to the zip file containing the game:(you ave to right click save as)

Double clikc the 1startscreen or the windowed version and waitther is an instruction txt file in there somewhere. Have fun and feedback is appreaceated.
And in the next few posts I'm going to talk about all the changes from the alpha2 to the beta1.
Here is a screenshot of the start menu which i haven't posted on here yet.
More indepth post soon


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