Realy quick update!

I'm working on the game again , and its coming along rely good and really fast. 
I plan to get it all finished for Wednesday and at this rate i think its possible , with complex audio as the only thing which may suffer :S.

So aft iv fixed most of the problems in :

Iv not coded up the boss ai yet 
or added loading screens or 
any audio
Dont want to make the new house scens till i get sound into 1.

Heres hoping i can get it done.
just so i show something here is a wolf for the watercolour level:

I started one at uni in 20 minutes but I had no reference so it looksed to real ish.

But this 20 minit models was just to see if I could do it, the finished one looks a lot cuter and fits better with the style:
Heres was the sketch sheet for it:

Anyway that's really the only new asset.


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