Animated paintings

Just did a quick search for animated pantings on youtube , heres what i found:

The Scream

This example adds a story to the clasic scream painting. the actual character has the same form as the original but ads a new 3d almost stop motion claymation feel to it . This is just weird to watch and i thought a good start to this post.

Mona Lisa Talks CrazyTalk - animated painting by Leonardo DaVinci

This is the kind of thing i was expecting to find , but thers not actualy much like this out there. This is a software ued to make paintings talk.

Animated Pop Art: Roy Lichtenstein music video for the Art Institute of Chicago

this film is a traditonal 2d animation with a non linear story. ther are a lot of zooms and clever transitions. And looks like a pice of pop art throughought, ever frame is a work in its self.

Salvador Dali Animated Video "Under Impression of Existere"
this pice uses works from Dali and combines them with liveaction and other leelments. It cuts up the paintings and adds layers to get a feeling of depth from the origonal work .

Oil Painting Animation

this animation is more of a timelaps At some points it gets realy abstract at times. layers build up on top in a stop moton style cuasing a frantic and muddy look.

3D Animated Chinese Painting Landscape Cartoon Calligraphy Flower & Birds Paintings

this aniamtion uses a lot of differnt techiques ,from traditional hadn drawn , top motion/ time laps.

Artist - Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation - Ukraine's Got Talent 2009 Winner

thi is more of a performance pice, in this sence there is no actual animation but the actual artwork is dynamic and verry butiful whitch is only possible because of the media used. (sand on glass)

Animated Chinese Painting Cartoon. Stage 1 Deer in Village Sumi-e Style

this animatin uses traditonal 2d animation in the style of a japanise sumie painting. It looks like a simple shape , the smutgy bits are painted first than then the other, finer details are added to make the shapes more readable.

Animation techniques exercise

This is another example of a trail painting. In a timelaps style. the next frame is painted directly on the previous image. It is also in revers , ie its whit on black.

Is It Love? A film about Domestic Violence

'The Umbrella' A short animation made with oil painting-TRAILER

Private Oil Painting Animation

Circus (1996) -animation by Soyeon Kim

Butiful pointailist oil pastel animation couldnt get it to work on this sblog somehow thoguh 

To-Mak (1995) - animation

Badgered - Sharon Colman

Walt Disney & Salvador Dali - "Destino," a short film

Seven Corners (2001) - short film by Todd Hemker

Hedrox - Milla Animation

"Green" Poetry Animation

Desert animation

Soul Flight


IDIOTS AND ANGELS trailer - Bill Plympton

MEXICAN STANDOFF - Parsons Brown & Bill Plympton

SANTA, THE FASCIST YEARS clip - by Bill Plympton

What is BONNARROO? - trailer by Bill Plympton


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