Meeting with Ken Fee

Had a meeting with Ken to day, for anyone that doesn't know he's big in industry working on thinks like lemons and silicon valley and many more.Was as a nice little talk. Showed him some stuff and he liked most of it. We ampere to have the same views on realism in games. And mentioned something about someone saying that in a few years we would have the power to do realism in games. And we both thought why, realism is everywhere around you.

I told him the way things were going on in regards to a research question, he didn't seem to think the story question had any real relevance which I agree with in some ways. The style of a game isn't always directly related to the story that is being told. eg why dose Zelda skyward sward look like an impressionist painting?

Zelda Skyward Sword

He suggested instead to simply focus on the production and implementation of traditional art to 3D rendering in games.(basically what I was thinking in the first place)

This may touch on story telling but should not be the main focus. 
Then he linked an Emotional response from the user to the art style but this means that I could have to conduct surveys and look into the psychology, which I haven't looked deeply into today.

He also talked about combining different styles in one scene to draw attention to certain elements or just as a surprise out of the norm factor. There was talks of the pen drawing meeting the cute night.

I could crate the same level in 2 or 3 styles and gage the users emotional response to events or simply the way characters are portrayed through the style.


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