Happy Halloween!

For the occasion I made a Halloween styled game enviroment and character. A forest and a warewolf. Again in the style of Scott C.
Image name:That one guy by Scott C

The main purpose of this test was to try to get the eyes of a 3d character track to the camera and display like the wolfs eyes in this image. ie both eyes on one side of the face.
And to test billboarding of real water-coloured textures.
Here are some final screen shots from the game, video at the bottom of the post.
Wolfman from front on

Eyes track to the camera
Started out by cutting out the trees from the image and applying them to planes.
This is the texture sheet for trees and rocks. These are on on planes which always face the camera. There is more room on the sheet in case I added more varied props.All these images are cut out from the original image.
Skybox texture

Outline HUD Paper texture

Ground Texture

Wolf Texture


The way i got the eyes to work but needs work.
Planes are pareneted to an empty which is parented the head bone. Both the empty and the plane have track to constraints to always face the camera. I need to find out how to get the orient constraint to work korectly in game enigine along with the track to , but i think they overight each other. I cols also change the angle by keypresses and just do the inverse of that the character is doin or something , it will require more thought if i do it that way.


this video shows the eye tracking thing in action, watch it break :P

this test is on its way to working but wanted to post as it was Halloween and ware wolfs are halloweenie. The bilboarding of wattercolor textures is good and i dont even notice they they are doing it most of the time.


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