Sketch on the edge

The next tes is still in progress but iIdon't relay know where to go with ti now. 
This test is almost an extention of the monkey sketch test in previous posts. 
Trying to replicate the style of a sketchy ink pen. 
I realy like the style of Chris Riddell in the Edge chronicles series and iv always wanted to make a 3d version of the main character twig. I had tryed many times in the past but they never worked out. This is the closest iv got at achiving the likenss to date but it still needs a little work.

Here is the old cover of one of the books in the series.

Here is the pictue of twig i was working form.

And heres what i got , i realise only now when i put them side by side that the proportions are still miles of , his body is stumpyer than i made it and his head and hair seem a lot bigger in the original.

close up, i thing this works well as a representation of the media in 3d

Even at a distence it seems to look good.

And of course its animated to look like a pen animation.

I used a 2 frame uv animation texture for both the main texture lines and shading . 

Main texture for the model:

Shading sheet , onld shows on areas of the model that shoudl be in darkness:

And used a 4 tile animation for the outline mesh.

might fix proportions and make a very simple environment to see if it looks to complicated and unreadable when in a scene context.


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