Convultion filters and Gamasutra:

Before class today I looked into filters some more and cept coming accros convultion filter. Whitch uses a grid of pixels round every pixel.
Found this nice web app that lets you play with the effects by editing numbers in the grid and applying it to the image.

And then after class I started some reading about what the games industry think about games as art and   figures in gaming which want to push games into a more experimental, creative experience.
relatred games whitch came up in the artcles are: El Shaadai as it has the same art director as okami.

sorry this post is late I only saved it instead of publishing.
Since then iv been playing Okami and Veiwtiful Joe to study the way that clover studios has achived there effects. 

Inital thoughts are that okami uses a ascled mesh around it with the normals inverted and then a post process shared adding a watercolour paper effect and another filter element whitch takes black vailes on screen and adds after blur when moving and rotates when static. Was trying to recreate this effect somewhat in udk but it keped crashing on me.


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