Unfinished Swan

Play this game!!!

I will do a proper case studdy of this game in a while but finished playing it a couple nights ago and it was just amazing. Its set in a chidrens book and is an exploration of art and peaseful exploration with  weird but understandable story. As far as i can see it dose almost everything right , dont listen to game spot (6 on gamespot :() 
I dont want to spoil anythign right now for people who havent played it but it is an experience that should be played to understand and appreciate its awesomness. This game is also a prime example that my honours is so relevant and current to industriy at the moment. 
I thnk it comes out for non playstation pluss members this week.
Its only £10 so go buy it and enjoy it.

Here is a link to the case stdy i did just after i played it. Its basicaly just a walkthrough with coments on style and story. its a docx file have a look if ur interested.


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