Pointillism flea

Pointillism is a form of impresionism leade by 
Georges Seurat: 

The style consist of thousands of well positioned paint dots whitch at a distence formtogether in the eye and blend to create the desierd color, but up close it just looks like a lot of dots. Much like the pixels on a screen work only using a different color theory. Paint is subtractive color theory and pixels/ light is addative.

Most famous painting:

So with that being sed isnt every image displayed on a screen Pointillism? yes but for the purposes of this test we will try to make it look more painterly.

I used the model from the flee game i worked on during the summer before it changed art style and turned pixel art:
So i too have seen an art change in the prosess of making a game.

Early3d model

Changed to pixel art

Flee Pointillism  test, still needs work and would be verry hard to play a whole game with this style.

and heres the node setup for the second flee from the left

It uses a blakc and white mask made from a sheet of oil pastel dots i drew.
the rgb slider gives me controll of the size of dots for the full image.

Heres the texture i used to animate and its been desatureated

I would like to work on this test more to find a way to make the dots bigger when they are in shadow. causeing the highlights to be made from the chite paper/bg showing through.


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