Presentation went well overall, Ryan and Ian were the supervisors. They both think the project should try to steer away from the manageable process and business side of things. And that . Ian also mentioned i should go see him about crackdown stuff and says depending on who you asked at dream-worlds they they will all give a different reason for the art style, ie the artists would say because its relay cool and awesome and the coders would say its the only way they could achieve the draw distance they needed to show the scale of the city. Interesting to think that a technical limitation lead to a different comic art style.
He also sed look at some post mortems of arty games .
And Ryan said to look into why some games like okami decided to change art styles half way through production, could be soemthing like Ians story with crackdown.

Anyway iv been holding out on anyone watching this blog... I showed 2 tests iv been working on, never befre seen , on this blog.
Next 2 posts coming verrrry soon.
Pointalism, sabateur.


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