Painted Saboteur

the next test 

In this game the gaol is to find the gold in the gaves before the cards run out , but someones is assigned the sabatuer secretly and has to stop the other players from reaching their goal. Really fun game recommend buying it.
Anyway the art style in the game is what made me do this test. Its a nice soft watercolour  gewache painted. To justify choosing to do this test we must first have a very quick look at borderlands

I love the way borderlands looks close up. Being able to see the detail and the drawn lines relay ads an arty hand made style.

 But what has always annoyed me is that when you move far from an object or character that charm disappeared due to aether the depth of field blurring or the fact things are just to far away to relay notice the lines any more.

Back to this test by creating a game made in close quarters the player can always see the textures as they never realy get the chance to move away from them.

i made 1 modular segment of a cave in blender then textured it in photoshop and added a watter color overlay form my new paper texture librery.

Heres the textures:

I lowerd the brightness and saved a second verson to show when the light is not effecting the wals. still not working properly in this test!

I then moved onto the objects.
Which are the lamp, the pick axe and the mine cart:

lamp texture map

pick axe texture

mine cart texture

Then this texture was used to create a rough outline applied to a duplicate version of each mesh, then inverting the normals. I made a bigger version of this texture with variation and animated it so that it looks like hand drawn outlines. I tryed this method using both uv space and view space, i felt that uv worked better.

I also tryed a different approch to doing outlining objects. 
Take the mesh , create planes at 45 deg angles from each edge then apply a pencil line texture along it . this method was basicaly unsucsessful as :
1 it took far to long
2 it didnt work any better 
heres the sheet i used
Here is what this test is at  at the moment: Screenshots:
withought lights and outlines

with lights and outlines

with lights and a blur filter to anialis a little and remove some of the jaggy edges.

I tryed to make a video but cam studio didnt pick up the color very wel as it is so dark and thought that showing it would lose the look of things.[edit] finaly made on the coors are still a bit dark but i wanted a video here.

Mabie more to come on this , or an actual game element to this test . At the moment you can move around swing pick axe , pick up gold and throw it around.


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