little more Edge

Iv done a little more work on the edge test just basic experimenting and trying out lighting with sketchy shadows and high contrast.
I had some problems with texture blurring when planes were at extreme angles from the camera or in the distance.
I tryed to fix this by increasing texture sizes and stuff but couldn't get it to work , i thought this might be the technical limitations which hold back some arty games. 
So i posted the question with a screenshot up on blender artist and they quickly pointed out a couple things it could be. First of all was to scale up the texture but i had already trued that. Someone suggested to up the 3d settings on my graphics card (Something iv never played with before) then it worked  :) still gets fuzzy sometimes but it works more now than before



Heres the wood texture:

And the shadows:

remember the enviroment is still verrry basic.

nodes for the back wall:


This is the test that iv been wanting to work on for years and so far progress is good. I will make a more detailed environment in future.


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