Boy character

So hers the development of the main character in the game who is still for the time being called boy.
As in the last post here is the sketch:

And here is the first draft of the 3d model 

I textured him and then he looked like this, the hair is still a newer texture.
this was obviously a verry quick first attempt at this texture and was just too see if stuff looked right with color and all the uv pieces made sence.

I then baked an ambient occlusion map of the character
since some of the elements are mirrored i had to delete any bits that were mirrored so that i didint get overlaping baked areas.
i made a duplicite mesh and deleted the bits.
this is what the mesh looked like after it was baked

Also found a button which saves a lot of time in Photoshop with seems. Im blender next to the bake button there is a margin slider(which bakes more pixels beyond the line of the uvs), if you turn it up to 4 or 5 ish seems become less noticeable(no black lines) and ao maps can be blurred a lot easier in photoshop .

I then took this bake into photoshop and mixed it wa the base color layer from the origonal texture and got this(the hair is in a separate texture):

And here is it applied to the model:

then i rigged him(kept t reasonably simple for thenow , just basic sceliton , IK, eyebrowseyes and jaw.)
 i came into the problem on the eyes that i had made them not sphere at some point and that made the eye bones not work so i added new lower poly eyes and made them smalled aswell and a bit forther appart to fit more with the origonal sketch.
 I like the smaller eyes 

And then i animated, He is realy fun to animate. And the rig worked so that i could copy and paste the reverse pose for the other side of his body , so making a walk scycle only realy needed 2 poses 

Here is the first pose :
This images shows the way i do walk scyles now, only using 2 poses, and inverting them for others

and here is the animations iv did so far:
idle , walk, run, sneek

Animation critique welcome :D


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