First draft of flore plans

As seen the previous post here is the house :

Here is the pop art house flore plan, still basic but shows that its test in a repeting room and then goes into the garden. still dont know weather to make the garden section a mash button quick time or not.

Here is the first quick draft of the water colour level :

looks a bit like a ski slope but its a forest.

Here is the design for the station level with train face boy. This level is underdeveloped at this point but i want tit to remain minimal with simple chalenge. At the moment all you have to do is talk to TFB and he tels you that the signal isnt working so the train wont stop. So u have to trace the wires to a switch and turn it on. might add that it needs a batery or something whitch can be found inthe station or if i decide the game is to boring and needs enemy's one of them could be carrying it.

And here is the quick plan for the jail level,needs envelopment but dont want to right now in case i drop the level later. Basicaly just sneek past the guards, dont get caught and reach the key.

More coming soon.


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