Proposal Results

Cant remember if iv posted this already but here is my project proposal in .docx format
We got our results back and i sadly didint to the best, Got a B15(B-) Supose i wasnt expecting anything more than a B, but still a B is  a B, and a bee is ok :D

Download here:

While im on the topic of grades might as well say what i got for my presentation. Dont know if im suposed to post it here or not but ...

I got a B+ for pitch week 
(26 slides)

and a A- for  Crit week 
(47 slides in 10 ish minits :D)

Hope to keep up the presentation marks in the future, dont think i should double the slides again though, that would be realy quick. Might need to be selective in what i show (might just play the video collage i posted) And hopefully il have a couple of levels done. and mabie a play through (doomed to fail, live play through :P)


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