New story time with help form a Muse

After thinking over the train face boy game ideas I realised that I didn't like the actual game play any more. it was more of a week story tied together with walking sections between them. So I tried to come up with other stories but couldn't get off the idea of train face boy. 
That is until I talked to my girl friend about it all. I told her one idea about a family in a house where they all have their own styles of art, I though this would maybe require to much character development and time making the characters so I didn't pursue it. But then she mentioned something about an art collects house and something just clicked. 
Sometimes all you need is to talk your ideas over with people close to you.
Here is Deborah my Girl friends blog, thank you :)

Anyway here is my new story as it stands right now, I know it will be a lot of work to get it all done in the time I have in this semester but I think if I cut here and there, make a schedule and stick to it I should get it finished in time.

The art collector: possible story beets

Story 1
Young Boy
Old man
Villan from painting

Story beats
1 – Boy is playing in the street and hears a scream from an abandoned looking house
2 – The boy investigates and enters the house
3 – He finds the house to be full of paintings, the walls are full and paintings are staked everywhere
4 – One of the paintings has an old man pointing out and screaming. The boy leans in close and something from behind him pushes him into the painting. (Pop Art painting)
5 – The boy and the Old man introduce themselves, the old man explains that something escaped from one of the paintings and that some of the paintings are magic and can be jumped into. Also certain objects need to be found in a few other paintings in order to lock the thing away again. The man also explains that he canot find his way out of the painting.
6 – Room based sequence to escape the room, the correct order written on the back of soup cans on the counter.
7 - Ounce they go through the right sequence of doors they have to run down the garden which has planes flying above head dropping bombs. The painting back to the real world is at the end.
8 – There is now a convenient paint footprint trail to the next painting to enter.( Also elements of the real world are now pop art styled)
9 – Water colour painting forest by a lake, wolfs come and they chase you , quick time event smash space bar, u meet a sleeping bear who gives you a sward to kill the wolves for his lunch, then he lets you passed and exit through the cave he is guarding
Crayon and charcoal in the same level 2 halfs (Train face boy)(find Shield)protects TFB
Oil paint (prision/ fortress) sneek past gaurds to get the key(key could be in a chest or in a sofa)
Sketchy ink pen – final level – castle – climb up the mountin to ge to the castle, then fight the last boss and lock him away in his painting and lock it in a box/safe
The boy exits the castel painting and arrives back in the old mans house, and a new painting has been made with the boy holding a sward and shield standing on the locked box and the old man in the background. 
The End

The ending and oil paint section  and the killing of the wolves might change in the next iteration to tone down the violence  a little. Might make him go fishing, and find a sward in he cave, and have the fight in the real world where you have to knock the villain back into a painting which the old man is holding.
Also if i go for the real world last boss fight the oil paint level might get cut or TFB level coz I might just be  being to precious with the idea of him.


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