Lost in the mist

Ok so hand ins are dun and i would like to say I had the weekend of but I instead made 5 characters only one of which is for this project. 

Boy model:

And here is the wire frame. I don't know if i like the way the mouth turned out yet, il try another few versions. 

This part is not realy much to do with honours projects. Just a little something i did over the weekend. I do plan on using some of the stuff i learn from doing this in my project though. Like dupli group and scene linking and some python aswell. Have been playing PlayStation All stars Battle Royal a lot with my flatmate and got annoyed at all the clasic PS1 characters missing from the Lineup, so decided to make some of them as if they were released on PS1.  So this is a De-make (remake for a lesser console) project and will hopefully turn out good one day, if Sony dose not shut me down.
Lara Croft, Abe, Crash, And Rayman,  all characters that should hve been there!all these characters have very basic walk cycles, jump, idle and attack animations. 

This screen shot is from unity 3d , i wanted to give the animaiton code a try and it turned out to be relativly easy but had some problems with animaitons not going back to idel at frst when using .fbx file but i loaded in the raw blender file and it fixed all the problems.

I bought a blender book on game making, called "the Blender Game Kit 2nd Edition"

I had a quick flick through and a chapter on mist caught my eye. it uses GLSL on the materials to add a mist using some ramps and some other nodes here is a picture:

I played a game from ludum dare and was amased by some the the visual efects and persepton of a mist effect. Since i played it i wanted to try this myslef and see what weird effects i could make quickly.
 game here:
And heres a couple of pics of the game above:

AndHere is a video of my test in action , i realy liked the way the tunnel worked in the origonal game and in the later part of this video explores shapes whitc get animaed and reveled al the player moves though the space. It creates a nice soft abstract feel and i could now implements some kind of fogging in my games.


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