Snake in a box somewhere? Failed test OLD

SO i found another test i was working on the the begining of this project. its one of the ones i realy wanted to get this to work before i started the project , this was the example that i told peopl and they just got the idea.
Solid snake from metal gear solid.
Like the Veitiful Joe test I found a model online and didint dedicate much time to much time tothis test. And i didint know verry much about how to do it yet so saw how close i could get with a simple material ramp.

As far as i got in this test

It just looks like hes really shiny

I feel ashamed of how bad this looks now and must have when i did it too because i didnt go on with it. I may revisit this in the future if i ever learn how to actually code shaders like the one in the game below. It renders 2 times, one for the outline  and another for the color whitch is distorted and offset to add the orror margin present in some painting styles, where the color goes out the lines.

Also I think because i used a pre-made mesh with textures i didn't feel as connected to it , i tryed basic stuff to try to make the texture look more water coloury but what this test realy needed was a mesh from scratch and a texture to match.

I was reminded about this test as i found a game the other day for iPhone, android and pc, called gunman clive

I will post a review/ framework evaluation on this soon and anyone who likes old games like megaman in particular shoudl give this a go.
Also the guy has a realy nice blog explaining some stuff:


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