Character ortho sketches

Getting prepared for making these characters in 3d
I think these are the 2 designs for the main characters im going to use.

hers an orthographic sketch of the boy

hers an orthographic sketch of the old man

By picking characters with thin limbs it makes it easyer and quicker to ski and rig, also i like vharaters with thin limbs and there becoming popular in cartoons like spunge bob , flapjack and adventure time.


  1. Hi,

    I had regular glances at your blog and I'm really astonished by your enthusiasm, energy and creativity. As I worked many years on animation field, may I suggest some advices: Characters design are great but the turn around for the ortho and specially the profile are a little weak. Have a glance at anatomy of human character from profile, give your character more strong profile posing, they lack, on the profile side a little of weight and credibility.
    In the profile posing of the boy character, no need to have the hair surrounding the left side of the profile face (try to imaging the profile of the boy in "a chinese shadow" rendering or completely black, would the audience recognize easily the boy character face from profile side ?).
    Keep up! cheers!
    Mr K.


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