Story Time!

I have left this to lay far too long. It is now tome to work on the story and I cant think past train face boy for some reason so I'm going to trust my instincts about him and try to design a story which can showcase the emotions and media to its fullest.

The original story when I came up with him was that he was born with a train for a face and everyone else was normal kind of like badly drawn Roy.
But the idea may have changed since then . I'm toying with the idea that the other characters in the world also have random objects as their faces.

I also like the idea of a rail road and a tunnel to get the more dark styles into the game.

Styles which I would like to work into the story are:
sketchy pen
water colour
pop art

These were the most successful of all my tests. Including them all may prove slightly to ambitions but I'l see how it progresses.
I would also like to make a small segment of the game to be realistic to contrast the difference of styles and point out that realism is boring in comparison. Also to prove that I can make things look real and just chose to make things look Arty like most impressionist painters.

So this is the story ideas i have so far:
(some of these ideas could work in the form of a book like in Unfinished swan)

1 Story beets?
1 - start at an abandoned train station
2 - train comes and you are encouraged to follow
3 - leads to a tunnel
4 – The boy finds some nice people on the other side of the tunnel
5 – other people make fun of him
6 -  The boy runs away
7 – His new family searches for him and they take him back home
8 – Something happens in the town and the boy uses his strength and stamina to help out
9 – The town likes him now , he is a hero

2 story beets ?
1 - Start at an abandoned train station
2 - Train comes speeding by with loud noises and screams, you are encouraged to follow
3 - The tracks lead to a tunnel
4 - Inside the tunnel there is a train wreck, Meany are dead
5 - Afraid the boy walks on towards the light
6 – Just before the boy reaches the end of the tunnel he is confronted by something and the exit gets further away again
7 -  the boy has to eather fight or run away from this enemy until they rech the light at the end of the tunnel
8 – the other side of the tunnel is still dull and gloomy
9 – The boys parents are there looking sad till they see you and the world around them becomes colorfull and happy

3 story beats?
1 – Start in the forest , the boy is hungry
2 – He finds some coal with strange symbols above them being hungry he eats them and follows a trail of them
3 – Further along the path he runs into a small tree person who tells him that he has been eating their dead ancestors( or children but, might be too sinister)
4 – The tree person runs away and tells the village who start to come after the boy
5 – The villagers come with pitch forks and torches and are chanting
6 – They chase you, you didn’t mean to hurt anyone
7 – Somehow they set the forest nursery on fire and you are the only one who can save it
8 – You run back and carry water to put out the fires
9 – You save the nursery but you have put out the fire in your train in the prosses
10 – The villagers bring the coal (their dead) and feed it to you then light you up.
11 – You are back to life and are accepted by the villagers.

4 story beats?
1 - Start on a rocky Cliffside by the sea
2 – Follows train tracks to a cave/ tunnel in the cliff face
3 – The tunnel is dark and scary
4 – The style changes to sketchy lines (and things start to chase you)
5 -

5 story beats? (ugly ducking from birth)
1 – Starts in a white tunnel with a black (or inversed?) light at the end. TFB walks towards this light
2 -  Then TFB is in the arms of his mother , he has just been born (He is strage, has a train for a face, doctors are baffeld)
3 – Cuts to TFB in the park running round like a train (hes not playing with the other children , he cant communicate)
4 – Cuts to dinner time, He draws pictures with his food, coal
5 – He gets crayons and draws in color
6 – He Gets into comic books and the style becomes edgy and dark
7 – As he gets older he likes more sketchy styles pen and ink
8 -  He finds watter color and begins to find peace
9 – He Reaches the end of his life and again arrives at the tunnel (could look digital to emply that the digital age has begin and art is straying away from traditional methods), he walks to the end again, but this time he emerges out the other end as a normal human being .
10 – He is now realistic and the world around him appears mixed up with styles

6 story beats ? Trip to art gallay?
1 - Starts off realistic with a boy and his granddad in an art gallery
2 – Walks to a picture drawn in crayon and imagine a story
3 – Looks at a charcoal picture
4 - Looks at a sketchy picture
5 - Looks at a watter colour
6 - Leaves and the world is now a mish mash of styles as it has opend the young boys eyes to the world of art.

7 story beats? TFB is a timeless Muse to famous artists
1 – walks into art galary
2 – looks at pictures and gets a short game involving the painting and the artist. (Alternit reality)
3 – crayon, charcoal, pen, water color, pop art
4 – then tfb walks through a tunnel in one of the paintings and apperes beside a buding young computer artist. (simblifiing the transition to the digital age.)

I  will narrow this down to a few this week and sketch them into quick story boards to see which I like best then move on to more detaild boards and possible level layouts for each stage.

Lastly here is a quick thumb nail size image i did a little while ago:


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